Fiber Finally coming to Long Island!

We have some VERY exciting new for our followers on Long Island, specifically Brookhaven Town.
Behind the scenes, we have been working very closely with Brookhaven Town Council, Councilman Kevin Lavalle, and Brad Ickes of OCG Communications.

OCG is a new internet provider that wants to provide Affordable and high-speed fiber service across Long Island.

Click Here to learn more about OCG’s offerings and plan.

Brad Ickes
President, OCG Communications
Phone: (718) 326-4340 Ext # 2001
Address: 614 N Bicycle Path, Port Jefferson Station, New York 11776

On November 29th, 2021, at the invitation of Councilman Kevin LaValle, Brad and FIC attended an in-person Work Session held at Brookhaven Town Headquarters.

Present at this meeting were:

  • Frank Kanter – Administrative Director, FIC
  • Jacob Kraniak – Deputy Director, FIC
  • Brad Ickes – President, OCG Communications
  • Robert Boyle – CEO, Planet Networks (attended remotely)
  • Councilman Kevin Lavalle, Supervisor Ed Romaine, and the rest of Brookhaven Town Council.

Unfortunately, we do not have a recording of this meeting. The presentation was very similar to the one shown at Centereach Civic Association. You can read the blog post where we have the Powerpoint attached.

The Work Session

We used this opportunity to go into detail on all the complaints that we received on our survey.
We spoke about the lack of competition, how VerizonFIOS stopped expanding, how Optimum is mistreating their customers, and described other ongoing investigations into AlticeUSA across other states.

We then had Brad speak about his company and what he wants to offer on Long Island. He detailed planned rollouts across Suffolk County, starting in Brookhaven Town.
– OCG’s offices are located on Bicycle Path in Port Jefferson Station, close to Rt. 112.

We affirmatively stated to the Council that Brookhaven residents want competition, OCG can offer competition, and FIC is ready and willing to act as a liaison between parties involved.
Brad explained that we need help from the Brookhaven Town Law and Highway department to approve pending permits.

Supervisor Ed Romaine himself remarked that “We want competition in Brookhaven!”
He and LaValle offered to assist OCG and FIC in any way to move this forward.

FIC would like to thank Councilman LaValle and Brookhaven Town for assisting with expediting these permits at the Law Department and help OCG work on their planned deployment.

To our followers

You might be thinking this sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t!
There is a non-zero percent possibility that some of you will be able to drop Optimum THIS YEAR.
What we need to do now is to help Brad learn where service is needed.

Sign Up for OCG

  1. If you live on Bicycle Path in Port Jeff Station or know anyone that does, this is one of the target areas for first rollout of Fiber. OCG already has Fiber installed all along Bicycle Path and is ready to start dropping Fiber at homes along this street.
    – Please contact OCG Sales and let them know you are interested in their service.
  2. If you do not live on this street but do live in Brookhaven Town, there are plans to expand further at a later phase this year. Please sign up and let OCG know where the interest is.
  3. We have privately provided Brad with access to the sheet of Optimum Complaint responses we’ve received FROM YOU over the past year, as a majority stated that they wanted competition. This data will greatly help OCG determine what areas to target first. If you provided your email and are in the target area, you may be contacted directly by OCG Sales.

    Fair Internet Coalition affirms that this information was shared in confidence with a trusted partner (OCG Communications) and will not be resold or shared to any other 3rd parties.

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