About us

Map created by broadbandnow.com, shows how many ISPs are available. Orange = 1 provider, Yellow = 2, Green = 3.

A consumer advocacy group fighting for affordable, reliable and transparent broadband internet service.

Too long have millions of consumers had to suffer with an oligopoly of a few providers, often a monopoly one, for their internet service.

For those consumers, providers are free to raise prices, throttle speeds and leave their network in disrepair with no accountability. We aim to change that.

Our current goals:

  • Use our research surveys to collect data on customer experiences with the largest providers.
  • Educate consumers on their internet options, promoting smaller ISPs in the area such as startups and nonprofits.
    • Engaging with smaller regional ISPs to educate and inform about needs of the current consumer market.
  • Raise awareness for consumer issues via ongoing social media outreach.
  • Work with local news media to share the consumer feedback we collect, further raising awareness.
  • Communicate with Legislators and Regulatory agencies, in an effort to keep them informed about ongoing constituent issues, needs and concerns regarding Broadband Internet.
    • DISCLAIMER: Fair Internet Coalition does NOT engage in lobbying, for any Government entity or political candidate.


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  1. I would love to take a survey and express my outrage at Optimum’s monopoly and very unconsumer friendly practices it embraces.

  2. We’re in NY up the Hudson River. Where are you folks? I started a petition in town and within 3 days we had 500 signatures. I contacted the FCC twice. Optimum called but did nothing. I contacted our Congressman Delgado who is putting forth a bill to bring internet to rural areas. I want him to fight for FAIR internet. In our town Optimum is all we can get and they gouge everyone. When the warmer weather comes we are going to go to our local Opt. store and rally and get on TV and in the papers. We are sick to death with this company and its monopoly. Anything you can do to support our efforts or join the fight, let me know.

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