Brookhaven voting on OCG License!

For all of our followers that have been eagerly awaiting any news related to Fiber Competition on Long Island, We have an exciting announcement to share with you.

The town of Brookhaven is voting on a proposal “To Consider Authorizing a License Agreement to Optical Communications Group, Incorporated to Operate a Fiber-Based Internet Network”.

This vote is the first step towards high-speed FIBER internet competition in our neighborhood!

The vote will take place during a Public Hearing at Brookhaven Town Hall on March 30th at 5:30pm, so be sure to mark your calendars! We encourage all of our followers to attend this hearing and show their support for Fiber competition.

< Add it to your Calendar!

Let’s work together to bring high-speed Fiber internet to our community, and finally have another option for internet service!

Public hearing period starts at 5:30PM EST.

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