Checking in, plus new data

Greetings Fair Internet Warriors!

Firstly, we’d like to offer our apologies for our lack of posting lately.

Conflicting schedules from our few volunteers, on top of unexpected responsibilities have prevented us from regularly meeting as we’d like to.

We are developing a more productive schedule that will allow us to put out more regular content.
Remember, you can always send us an email or message us on Slack if you have any questions.

Second, we would like to put out another call to action for volunteers. If you are passionate about getting active in challenging the incumbent broadband monopolies, we could use your help!

Top needs for volunteering at the moment are:

  • Social Media Manager (Publishing Tools, Publer)
  • Video/Livestream Producer (Restream, StreamYards, Zoom, OBS)
  • Social Media Content Creator
  • Grant Writer
  • Web Developer (HTML, CSS, WordPress)
  • Business Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • NonProfit experience is always a plus!
On a more fun note, we’d like to share some new resources we’ve created!

You all remember the Dashboard we created for the results of our Optimum Survey?

Optimum Survey Dashboard

Well, we went and created dashboards for all our other surveys! As you can see below, the others do not have many responses. We suspect that people don’t know these are here.

It is important for our followers to remember that we aren’t an “Optimum Altice Hate group”, despite much of our focus being on this provider. Our volunteers just happen to have the most experience dealing with Optimum.

We do have surveys for ALL Major ISPs in the country and invite everyone to submit feedback for these as well. This will help us better compare the pain points of each provider.

Thank you as always for your ongoing support!

FIC Administration Team

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