OCG Livestream Recap

OCG Livestream Recap

We had a very successful interview with Brad Ickes of OCG Communications last night at our Monthly meeting.

Check out the video below (with included timestamps) to learn all about the newest internet provider coming to Long Island!

Here’s where we need YOUR help!

  1. Sign up for OCG at https://ocgcom.com, let them know you’re interested in service.
  2. Share the sign-up link (or this post) with your friends/family!
  3. Contact your representative in Brookhaven Town, let them know you want OCG in your town! Permits are waiting to be approved.

3 responses

  1. I emailed them yesterday and they replied promptly saying that my area in Selden is not yet ready for their service.
    They thanked me for my interest and will notify me when it is available

    1. yes, this is the standard response they’re giving everyone right now. Rest assured, they are watching to see where the requests are coming from. If you watch the livestream recording, you can see Brad shares a map with all the sign-up requests. If they see a large cluster of requests in a neighborhood, they can better target and prioritize that area for buildout.

      We encouraged them to update their Social Media presence to keep the public informed about ongoing developments. It seems they are beginning to do just that.

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