Southern Ulster Times – Hinchey considering legal action against AlticeUSA

Senator Michelle Hinchey (NY-46) met with constituents in Highland, NY to let them know about the work she’s done in her first few months of office.

We’re particularly interested in the highlighted section below. “She will look into whether Altice is considered a monopoly and if legal action can be taken against them.”

Also note the prior sentence “Hinchey said there are ongoing discussions about expanding broadband not only in her district but across the state.”

We wonder… who might have recently brought these discussions to her attention?

This is great news for all! It means that our elected officials are listening! This kind of attention would not be possible without the help of our followers and everyone who writes in complaints about Optimum.

For further reading, read more about the recent bill she sponsored regarding Broadband fairness for providers. The bill has passed Senate and Assembly and just needs Governor Cuomo’s signature.

We’d like to thank our own Treasurer Kit Cowan for recording the meeting while she was present. You can listen to the audio file at the link below.

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