We’re meeting with NYS AG! We need YOUR help!

We’ve been invited to meet with the NY Attorney General’s office for an initial discussion NEXT THURSDAY 5/27!

The key issue we will be discussing is the MONOPOLY that AlticeUSA (Optimum) holds over much of New York. We know the first questions they will ask are “What issues are consumers facing?” “Do consumers have other options?”

Our most important resource has always been the stories that YOU shared on our survey. This is THE most important thing you can do to help us right now.

We are currently at ~480 and would like to see if we can get that

number to at least 500 before the meeting.

We realize that most readers of our blog have likely already completed the survey. If you have already completed the survey, we kindly ask that you please share this link on your social media or directly with a friend/family member.

We can do this TOGETHER!

Find the Links for our survey below

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