Letter to NJBPU from our Administrative Director

Dear Commissioner,
My name is Frank Kanter. I am the Administrative Director of the Fair Internet Coalition a/k/a Tri-State Coalition for Fair Internet Service.

Together with the rest of my leadership team, we are heavily involved in consumer advocacy within the Internet/Technology space. I am writing because my staff and I have read, with interest everything the NJBPU has released with regard to AlticeUSA and all of the other ISPs operating in NJ.

The one consistent fact appears to be that there is little or no competition in NJ or anywhere else for that matter. We aim to change all of that. Toward that end, we would like to offer to provide an Amicus Brief to put some things in perspective.

My organization has been collecting survey results of our own from within the Altice footprint both in NJ and beyond. The issues and problems brought to light by this survey and the anecdotal information which was included by many respondents makes this something I believe will be of value to you and the board.

We would also like to invite you and your fellow board members to our website at www.tscfis.org to see more that you may find helpful. We are also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Slack.

Please let me know if it is permissible to submit our brief? Also if you need support of help with any of our online channels I will make the Director of Technology (Jacob Kraniak) available to you.

No matter what happens, please know that you and the board have our appreciation for taking up this very frustrating matter. We wish you all the best.

Frank Kanter
Administrative Director, Fair Internet Coalition

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