Dan Woog Strikes again!

A quick update with some good news.

You may recall this blog post from about a month ago. A popular blog from the Fairfield, CT area had picked up our story and posted the link to our website and survey. Because of that, we received dozens of new survey responses!

As we know, this data was lost and we had to start over. Mr. Woog must have hear about this, because he posted our information again! Read his blog update below.

After this post went up, we received over two dozen new responses from the Fairfield area. The survey now totals 110 responses (about a third of what we lost from the first survey), all received in just under a week. At this rate, we will very quickly surpass the old survey!

As a bonus, here are some selected statistics from the current survey. See what your responses look like and how it will be presented to interested parties. I couldn’t even fit the comments into one image!


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