Update: Starlink and Nextdoor

Admin update: This morning, I received good news on two fronts.

1. I got a notice from StarLink by SpaceX that the Beta program is now available in certain areas within our region and I was offered the opportunity to join.

Costs include a $499 one-time payment for the equipment and $99/month for the service plan (+taxes of course). At the moment, they are promising reliable speeds at 150Mbps which will increase over time as more satellites are launched. The offer is first come first served with delivery starting in April.
Note: Very important that you read the FAQs on this before making the switch because there are limitations on what this technology can do (for now).

2. I was contacted this morning by Nextdoor to test new features.

Many of you know that we got our start at Nextdoor and have been doing what we can to migrate Nextdoor users to our website, Facebook and Twitter. This morning, I was asked to join a volunteer group to consult and provide feedback on certain options for improvement they wish to entertain. One of those options is technology or infrastructure to allow the “cross-posting” of content from Nextdoor to other social platforms, and vice versa. This could be helpful to us as a group.

Frank Kanter
Administrative Director
Tri-State Coalition for Fair Internet Service


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