We are in contact with NY AG!

We are in contact with NY AG!

Good Afternoon folks,
We want to bring everyone up to date on certain things that are happening within the organization.

  1. We are starting to get offers to help out from various people who will function as “boots on the ground” in areas where we less membership than expected.
  2. Our website is now live and will continue to be updated.
  3. We are producing bumper stickers (perhaps magnetic ones) that will quickly and efficiently lead future members both here and to our website.

    Now, for the best news of the day… We are in contact with the Antitrust and Social Justice departments of the Office of the New York State Attorney General. They want to hear our story and are interested in taking on our case. Currently, we are putting together information and a presentation that we will deliver directly to the top brass at AG’s office. In particular, they want to see all the data we’ve collected on the survey.

    In order to have the most impact it is absolutely URGENT that you and everyone you complete our survey. You can find it linked at the top of this website.

    Together we can and will make our point and get the right people to take action on our behalf.

Thank you,
Frank, Jacob, Erin and Pablo

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  1. It’s time for Altice to take responsibility for its actions. I have been a customer for at least 20 years & have endured rate hike upon rate hike, only to be transferred from person to person when trying to “negotiate a better deal” then hung up on when they feel like it it. I refuse to haggle & disconnect every year to get their attention.

  2. Why do politicians get to dictate what service people in Brookhaven get?!?! We have NO choice other than Optimum! How is that fair or legal??? We need viable choices which we cannot get—someone has to look into what “ deal” the politicians made with Optimum!!

  3. Optimum Internet In Brooklyn Has been scamming us, Sending technicians out with refurbished boxes last year over 5/6 maybe 7 boxes to call for the same reason slow or no internet but pay the bill!! Fraustration over and over Every week not a single month of consecutive working internet Ever!! Have demand discount never offer for bad service! Now they gave me Altice two in one BOX said it’s Better than having two boxes which I done my homework on my laptop or computer before this box came!! All the suddend for two months chronic issues calling over 20 TIMES already 3 technicians this year but noticed no one ever brings a new box like last year; they now info me that all my devices are broken and their box is good and I getting internet use my cell phones only ! Cannot see my router or modem name on any computer devices, so I called Amazon Technicians who was extremely helpful and called Optimum Herself on 3way to inform them my devices are Good!! They have them on blocked no internet access to any devices!! Optimum technicians Representative demand her to hangup! And told me she see internet and that’s wha5 I pay for my cell phone which comes with internet is all I can now use..so I got a new Modem and Guess what all my devices hooked up so I was blocked and all the past two years of drama lies, Fake boxes off and on service, Disrespectful representative and no supervisor calls back or comes to the phone!! Scammers and one representative told me you have to deal with it because we the only internet service you can get in your area..Wow..on Monday the contractor Shakira from Maryland called said she was going to have supervisor called So far no one called but yesterday to ask me if I like to purchase Another speed and get more speed.

  4. We have been in a Pandemic I Am disabled and deal with family loss, Health challenges, And homework finals which I now got a extension because sitting with small erthnet wiring to the window with my spine disabilities hurt so bad I failed my test! Not to mention the unhealthy stress added to our lives from this company taking advantage of us especially during this time, Technicians some so exhausted I see from dealing with the company stress and angry fraustred customer we need to be giving refund and a company that can provide full Service, another tech inform the service coming from Pakistan , Why isn’t Verizon, Spectrum in our area ? Why are they stealing our speed and slowing us down, Blocking us on the Green Wall 🧱

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